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What is PluReal?

We live in a Plureality, the fleeting nature of the reality around us is based on the fact that it only exists in our minds. Yet fear not, let us not deconstruct just yet. Our subjective grasp on reality does not render life meaningless, but rather full of meaning that is plural. Thus you and i can share the same PluReality. Your truth does not threaten mine. Welcome.


New: Five More Minutes

Now Featured is the newly finished film Five More Minutes.

Download it now from, plus here a brand new track by Julia Shammas Holter.


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The Mindsweep is proud to announce The Mindsweep feature length winner of "Off The Shelf "A Film Competition Presented by Dovetail


The Mindsweep has been published and is now viewable in the Dovetail system, Competing for the Off the Shelf Prize.

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Keeping you up



The Blandest Movie Ever

The Blandest Movie Ever has received Honorable Mention in the Comedy Category at the Berkeley Video and Film Festival, which  has been providing an outlet for independent filmmakers who wish to “challenge and confront our notions of ‘electronic cinema.’


Check out a crappy version of this film on