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For Mercy has a human heart
Pity, a human face:
And Love, the human form divine,
And Peace, the human dress.

Then every man of every clime,
That prays in his distress,
Prays to the human form divine
Love Mercy Pity Peace.


WILLIAM BLAKE, “The Divine Image,” stanzas 3 and 4, lines 9–16, The Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake, ed. David V. Erdman, pp. 12–13 (1982). First published in 1789

"....the US is not the superpower it believed itself to be."

Cheney's War Workshop Plots Another Attack

2006 is a dangerous year for Americans. see story...


Bush's Warrantless Spying
Does the President Really Know Best?
By Elizabeth de la Vega

OK, everyone who has studied the Unitary Executive Theory of the Presidency, raise your hand. Anyone? Anyone? If you are not raising your hand, you're not alone. see story...


Fact Sheet From U.S. Senator Russ Feingold
On How the Patriot Act Deal With the White House Falls Short on Protecting Freedoms see story...


Reprogramming the Infinite Loop


Nuclear Reactors Found to Be Leaking Radioactive Water

--Wily Python’s Winter Aromatic Soup -- Winter 2006 [link]

The little man

"History will remember Bush as an incompetent and incurious man overwhelmed by a world too big for him." [link] -- By Garrison Keillor

Cheney 'Authorized' Libby to Leak Classified Information

Vice President Dick Cheney's former chief of staff... [link]



A Collapsing Presidency


French Students' Protests Turn Fiery


Soldiers going Awol have trebled since the invasion of Iraq

CA Printed Ad

Need a Quote: Call Michael at 415-419-4180




The Battle for Baghdad

Impeachment or Resignation: Pick Your Poison

Welcome to the TO Multimedia Page!

DOJ: NSA Could've Monitored Lawyers' Calls

There is still a colour line in American law From this 1890 decision we can see the logic of Roberts, Scalia,Thomas et al.

Kirkuk's Dr. Death

Elections in a Broken Nation

Wis. Immigration Rally Draws Thousands

Cooking up a storm: Isaac Hayes bows out as 'South Park' chef in spat over Scientology episode [link]

March [link]

Todd Chretien is running for US Senate against Sen. Dianne Feinstein on the Green Party ticket in California. [link]

prayer flags (for peace) is a continuation of the series of 'being peace' art created by the artist Vennila nr Kain, which began with the January 2004, living art installation [link]

Israelis were warned on illegality of settlements in 1967 memo [link]

Welcome to the TO Multimedia Page! [link]

Israel's Tragedy Foretold [link]

Susan Sarandon: Cause Celebrity [link]

Where 'Buy Low and Sell High' Are a Co-op's Fighting Words [link]

Revealed: Maxwell was under investigation for war crimes [link]

God: I've lost faith in Blair [link]

Iran threatens US with 'pain' if sanctions begin [link]

NeoCon allies desert Bush over Iraq [link]

Cindy Sheehan Arrested at the U.S. Mission to the U.N. [link]


The Monolith Crumbles [link]

Venezuela aims for biggest military reserve in Americas [link]

Early elections today - for the White House [link]

No Glory in Unjust War on the Weak [link]

Why Are There No Real Gays in "Brokeback Mountain"? [link]

What Bush Was Told About Iraq [link]

Pakistan suicide bombing claims life of US diplomat [link]

In pictures: Anti-Bush rallies in India [link]

Iraq: a solution to nothing By Scott Ritter [link]

Europe's secret islands [link]

Amnesty's appeal for 'forgotten prisoners' [link]

Rupert Cornwell: Guantanamo has to be closed - and soon [link]

Teacher Awaits Day in Court
By Matthew Rothschild [link]

U.S. Propaganda Aimed at Foreigners Reaches Public: Pentagon Document [link]

French Police Try to Disperse Protesters

'Three million' march against French law

Manufacturing Another Crisis

US activists rally for immigrants

Cars and shops set ablaze as Paris riots continue

Berlusconi snaps at film satirising his life

Committee Hearing Statement on the Call To Censure the President

The pride of Jamaica: island celebrates its first female PM

Dems Can't Win Standing Still

Love Me, I'm a Liberal

Beatles' label claims rights to Apple pie

How Guantanamo brothers 'became victims of MI5 plot'

Woman Gets $100 Ticket for BUSHIT Bumpersticker

License to Lie.

Shias May Now Turn on US Forces

War Crime in a Mosque

Paris: Only 24, but student may decide jobs crisis

    Cindy Sheehan Responds to Congressman's Attacks

Get on Message with the Sissy French

France's political crisis grows as 3 million take to streets

Noisy demonstrations in France as jobs law dies a quiet death

 Many Wisconsin Voters Demand Iraq Troop Pullout

Revealed: victims of UK's cold war torture camp

The Day of Conscience for Darfur.  San Francisco, CA.
11:15AM: Silent Vigil on the Golden Gate Bridge
(Suggested arrival time by 10:00AM.  Charter bus meeting points will be organized from throughout the Bay Area.)
1:30PM: Rally for Darfur at Crissy Field
Featured Speaker: Jerry Fowler, Director of the Committee on Conscience at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum
4:00PM: Annual Bay Area Songfest, Fundraiser for Darfur, Temple Emanu-El, 2 Lake St., SF
More information and Pre-registration at www.OurPledge.org.

Darfur 30 April Rally

Rioting erupts in Paris as students protest at jobs law


RAF doctor faces court martial over stand on Iraq

Robert Fisk: The farcical end of the American dream
The US press is supposed to be challenging the lies of this war

Robert Fisk: The erosion of free speech
It was the wrong sort of courage and she was defending the freedom of the wrong people

Stop force-feeding inmates, doctors tell US

The United States authorities are facing demands by doctors from around the world to abandon the barbaric method of force-feeding hunger strikers at Guantanamo Bay.[link]

The War Dividend: The British companies making a fortune out of conflict-riven Iraq [link]



Wanted: A Democratic Plan

How hard is it to pull together a theme like the Contract with America? How many people even remember what that contract contained? A survey of voters shortly after the Gingrich Revolution of 1994 showed that a majority--including those who voted for the Republicans who took over Congress that year--had no idea what they were agreeing to, contractually speaking. [link]

What to do when the emperor has no clothes [link]

Speaker's Corner Free Speech

Robert Fisk: Defeat is victory. Death is life [link]

Cheated at birth: The real gender gap [link]

The Boy Who Cried Wolf [link]

The Coming Fall of Pakistan [link]

The Press Release Law [link]

Restoring The Public Trust
Bill Moyers [link]

How an internal effort to ban the abuse and torture of detainees was thwarted.
by JANE MAYER [link]

U.S. Church Alliance Denounces Iraq War [link]

Statement of U.S. Senator Russ Feingold
On the Patriot Act Deal [link]

Shameful: This is the world's view on Guantanamo. But Tony Blair still calls it 'an anomaly' [link]

Scientists call on churches to fight 'intelligent design' [link]

Avian flu and hysteria: the myths and the realities [link]

NSC, Cheney Aides Conspired to Out CIA Operative [link]

THE TAKE [link]


'The Americans are breaking international law... it is a society heading towards Animal Farm' - Archbishop Sentamu on Guantanamo [link]

“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”[link] [audio]


Statement - Konstanty Hordynski, Target of Illegal Spying [link]


Pentagon Database Leaves No Child AloneBy MIKE FERNER see story...





A call to take part in
Silence of the Dead, Voices of the Living:
A Witness to End the War in Iraq

May 11-14, 2006
at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.
and across the United States


Peace Festival April 9 06

Steps For Peace in Oakland Sunday April 9, 2006

March 2006 Calendar

Mad Hatter


Tape proves that Bush was warned of Katrina threat [link]

FEMA Report

click video to watch

California Clean Money Campaign

Click to go to the page...

So check it out , sign the online petition, tell your friends, and let me know what you think

--Wily Python’s Winter Aromatic Soup -- [link]

not one more death

Stop Sinclair click

Katrina: The Warnings Bush Received

Bush in India: Just Not Welcome [link]

Through April 8—Tim Robbins' theatrical rendition of "1984"at the Actor's Gang Theatre

Comments on TortureActor's Gang, Ivy Substation, 9070 Venice Blvd, Culver City 90232. Info: 310.838.GANG (4264). Buy tix here.

1984 Robbins PlayActor's Gang Poster 1984

, according to a new CBS poll.

I’ve always wondered what it would take to get some of those Bush supporters to peel off." [link]


Unsing the Song

Unsing the Song and Speaking the Unspeakable--March 23-26, 2006 Tickets: $20 in advance, $25 at the door available through ODC Theater Box Office: 415-863-9834
3153 17th Street @ Shotwell
(Weds-Sat 2-5pm)
Learn more >

Saturday, March 18, 11 a.m.
Mass March and Rally to
Stop The War on Iraq

Civic Center, at Grove and Larkin Streets, SAN FRANCISCO
(nr Civic Center BART)
Stop the War on Iraq! Bring the Troops Home Now!
End Colonial Occupation from Iraq to Palestine to Haiti…
From Iraq to New Orleans, Fund People’s Needs Not the War Machine!


Three Books to Wake You Up


Since his retirement by Ronald Reagan, President Carter has given active service to the causes of human rights and peace. He has written a number of books, and now he has delivered a humdinger: Our Endangered Values (Simon & Schuster, 2005) in which he takes the Bush administration to task. see story....


Sign the Letter to Congress
To the members of the U.S. Congress:[link]

U.S. military personnel continue to die in Iraq. More than 100,000 Iraqis have died since the U.S. invasion. More than $200 billion has been spent to fund this war.
Please end the war now by using the power given to you under the Constitution: stop the funding, close all military bases in Iraq, and bring the troops home. It is time to end the destruction, and rebuild war-torn Iraq and hurricane-ravaged communities in the U.S.



Blind Ignorance


Two recent polls, a Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll and a New York Times/CBS News poll, see story...

More Deception from the Bush White House

By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS see story...

When Two Worlds Collide - Rove v. Fitzgerald
by Elizabeth de la Vega see story...

Impeachment Buzz

Impeachment Calls Become Louder [link]


How Conservatives Went Crazy


What happened to a formerly conservative press to reduce it to political partisanship and warmongering? see story...

Stealing A President's Spotlight

The eviction of two women from Bush's speech echoes a spirited protest by suffragists. by Catherine Lanctot see story...

The Mustafa Mosque Massacre was No Accident or Error

What Should Now Be Done?

Creating The American Internet And Reform Party. see story

Three Years On

Bush Wanted War

All the News That's Fit to Slant

Bush's Iran Plan A Time Bomb With Explosive Results


Apple vs Apple as the Beatles take on computer giant

Trouble and cost of visas halts Hallé's US tour   

The US propaganda machine: Oh, what a lovely war

The Factories of Lost Children


The Logic of Withdrawal


Chirac bows to rioters and scraps reform

Two million join protests as immigrant debate grips US

Blair isolated on Iraq conflict as Berlusconi bows out

Further indictments: The President and Vice President of The United States of America


Bush administration 'secretly plans air strikes' as it seeks regime change in Iran

Silent for too long, the witnesses to evil

Comment: Beware the Bombing of Iran

Bashing Hugo Chavez at the New York Times

Barbara Ehrenreich Salutes the French (from The Progressive's May issue) Kleenex Workers


Want more Bush? Elect McCain

Italy Must Go Forward Again


Rickman slams 'censorship' of play about US Gaza activist [link]

Judge freezes Livingstone suspension [link]

Livingstone suspension frozen by judge [link]


Blueprint to give power to the people [link]

Revolutionary Nonviolence [link]

Speak for Yourself
by Cindy Sheehan [link]

Forget the Mao suit, China prefers a 10-year-old anorak [link]

Wily Python’s "The  Parlor Game" see game...

Homeland Security? [link]

Target: Iran [link]

Neo-Con Superhawk Earns His Wings on Port Flap [link]

The Rule of Law versus The Rule of Cheney [link]

US politics: Reporting for election duty [link]

Don't mention the war: BBC plan for surviving nuclear armageddon [link]

Livingstone suspended for four weeks over Nazi gibe [link]

Livingstone suspended and landed with £80,000 costs [link]

Watching the Dissolution of Palestine [link]

Beating the time bandits [link]

Californians are saying, "Auf wiedershen, sucka. [link]

Killer drought threatens East Africa [link]

Head of Haiti's electoral council flees the country [link]

Geheime Staatspolizei [link]

MoD 'concealing US rendition flights' [link]

Volunteers of America [link]

The Gasbag Gap [link]

Banks crash in financial panic of '26 [link]

African bio-resources 'exploited by West' [link]

The Olympics We Missed [link]

Guantanamo Bay see story

The FBI and the Myth of Fingerprints [link]

Half of British workers keen to cut hours for better work-life balance [link]

The Right To Be Offended [link]

Findings May Help Forecast Earthquake Severity [link]

LOCAL Organizing to Impeach and End the War [click]

UN report calls for closure of Guantánamo [link]

Iraq: the forgotten victims [link]

Congressional Probe of NSA Spying Is in Doubt - White House Sways Some GOP Lawmakers [link]

AT&T Sued Over U.S. Wiretapping Program [link]

NSA search: the latest civil liberty infringement search engine. see story...

DiFi and the Royal Democrats [link]

ChoicePoint to Pay $15 Million for 2005 Data Breach - Data broker pays largest civil fine in FTC's history [link]

The Destroyers [link]

If Stupidity Was Impeachable, Cheney Would Be History [link]

John Nichols: A dose of reality for Bush [link]

by E. B. White [link]

"The Only Road to Peace is Justice" [link]

By such little things is a man betrayed [link]

Susan B. Anthony Day - February 15th [link] also [link]

Seized With Heavy Hand at Border, for Paperwork Errors [link]

The Value of A Number [link]

The truth about Bush and abortion [link]

Chávez tells Blair to go to hell [link]

Remembering Arthur Miller: Into "The Crucible" Again [link]

VA Nurse Investigated for “Sedition” for Criticizing Bush [link]

The Parent Trap [link]

Bush squirms as policies denounced at King funeral [link]

Joint operation [link]

Sweden plans to be world's first oil-free economy [link]

Religious fury threatens to wrest control from secular governments[link]

One Stitch at a Time [link]

Re: Joseph Ellis’ Column On The "Place [of] 9/11 In American History."see story...

The Alito "Rope-a-Dope" [link]

Betty Friedan, encourager of female fulfilment, dies at 85 [link]

Talking Truth to Rumsfeld
February 3, 2006 [to listen]

Robert Fisk: Don't be fooled, this isn't an issue of Islam versus secularism [link]

Police remove anti-war protester from Bush speech [link]

  What Really Happened
    By Cindy Sheehan [link]

Rep. Lynn Woolsey Denounces Arrest of Cindy Sheehan, Who Vows to Sue [link]

An American Obsession [link]

"Our Endangered Values" Radio Two [link]

Panel discussion "Democracy Rising: the impeachment of ..bush and VP Cheney" [streaming link]

Wily Python’s Winter Aromatic Soup -- January 2006 [link]

Why Gaia is wreaking revenge on our abuse of the environment [link]

Fake Rembrandts are real, says Danish gallery [link]



New pictures reveal extent of abuse at Abu Ghraib jail [link]

What was Cheney's blood alcohol level at the time of the shooting?

Purchasing The Best Federal Judges That Money Can Buy see story...

Fundamentalism's bait-and-switch [link]

Matters Discussed In James Risen’s New Book see story...

UN report calls for Guantánamo Bay closure [link]

Selective Prosecution For Disclosure Of Information see story...

California Going Indie? [link]

Taking On the Chickenhawks [link]

"These are gloomy times and we need to face up to just how bad they are in order to begin to build the movements that will start to put things right." [link]

Imagine [link]

The Abortion Debate Gets Real [link]

UK terror suspects being held in 'Kafkaesque world' [link]

The Trial - Franz Kafka [read]

Homeland Security Hassles Owner of Truck with Bumpersticker [link]

Devolution without democracy [link]

Horrors of Camp Delta are exposed by British victims [link]

What is an Antiwar Movement?

JoAnn Wypijewski

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are hopeless hacks, claims Lenni Brenner here on the CounterPunch site a couple of days ago. They should be avoided by any pure and peace-loving activist, but then Brenner argues that Louis Farrakhan, who believes white people were created by an evil spaceman, who is profoundly sexist and anti-Semitic, who was involved in the murder of Malcolm X and thinks up-from-the-bootstraps bean-pie businesses is the economic panacea--this guy should be embraced and invited to antiwar rallies. Why? see story...

The big lie [link]
Who tells the truth to a man -- or perhaps a nation -- driving into the setting sun, convinced he's heading due east?

By Garrison Keillor




Brokeback to the Future [click]

You've probably heard the buzz about Ned Lamont challenging Joe Lieberman in the Democratic primary this year. [link]

Intn'l Women's Day Ad

Women Say No To War

March 8th, 2006

International Women's Day

Women's Call for Peace

Public Service Announcement By Alice Walker [link]

TV's "The Office" on February 2, 2006 taught a lesson:

"...she illegally threatened the employees that the Dunder-Mifflin plant would close and that they would lose their jobs if they formed a union."[link]

January 24, 2006

Patriot Police


A provision in the "Patriot Act" creates a new ...see story


In the footsteps of Che Guevara: Democracy in South America see story...

Free the Captives Now see updates...

Reader: "I love stars" see some...

Young At Heart full story...

Al Franken Interview at The Progressive Radio listen...

Secular Democracy Goes on Trial full story...

Re: Bob The Bore And His Immodesty full story...

Point-of View full story...

Latin America's political map see map...

--Wily Python’s Winter Aromatic Soup -- January 2006 [link]

Bob's Worldview Today full story...

"French Erotic Film" By Too Much Spare Time full story...

The Llama Song full story...

Martin Buber’s I and Thou (Ich und Du, 1923) see link

Kristof’s India analysis is way off [link]

Senator Boxer on the war in Iraq her floor speech...

 Re: Lies, More Lies And The Moral Equivalent Of Lies. full story...

It's his 250th anniversary, but Mozart is too 'chocolate-boxy' for Radio 3--see story....

Listen Radio 3 BBC listen here...

The Nation's "It Wasn't All Bad" (2005) by Katha Pollitt (click link)

Meditation- Joao Gilberto play me

.Castro's 'miracle' cures the poor of blindness full story...

"Memory is a prerequisite for morality. see story...

Re: Problems With And Of George The Disconnected full story...

"Iraq Election Spells Total Defeat for US" (see story...)

It happens 23,000 times a year...see full story

'Anti-imperialist' wins presidency in Bolivia---see story....

"Rumsfeld Spies on Quakers and Grannies" see story....


Bernie Sanders Interview

By Ruth Conniff
December 2005

Bernie Sanders, the independent, socialist Representative from Vermont, is poised to win the Senate seat vacated by Jim Jeffords in 2006. According to the Associated Press, Sanders has received donations from 100 times as many Vermont supporters as his likely opponent, the self-financed, Bentley-driving corporate executive Rich Tarrant.

An outspoken critic of the Patriot Act, the first lawmaker to take a busload of constituents to Canada to buy prescription drugs, the leader of a successful effort to block the Bush Administration’s plan to slash worker pensions, and an economic populist with crossover appeal to Vermont’s rural dairy farmers as well as liberals in Burlington, Sanders is the kind of down-to-earth grassroots candidate willing to oppose the Republicans in no uncertain terms. Without taking corporate PAC money, he has managed to win against better-financed Republican opponents again and again. In 1996, when Newt Gingrich put up a well-financed candidate to unseat him, Sanders won reelection with 55 percent of the vote. -- Bernie Sanders Interview Full Story...


The Honorable John P. Murtha on the War in Iraq

(click to read this very important speech)



10 Good Things about Another Bad Year
    By Medea Benjamin

    As we close this year, a year in which we were pummeled by the Iraq war, attacks on our civil rights, and Mother Nature's fury of hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis, there is no shortage of reasons to feel bruised and beaten. But to start the New Year with a healthy determination to keep on fighting, we need to reflect on the good things that happened. And there are plenty.

    One continent alone - South America - could provide more than ten examples of wonderful progressive victories, but I'll just list some of the highlights. (see story)

DNA test may prove dead man's innocence .[link]

"The Times smears Robert Fisk"

"The Department of Homeland Security was only a month old, and already it had an image problem. full story...

The NY Mets and The Silencing of Carlos Delgado full story....

"A shanda fur die goy"-- A New Low for Lieberman....listen

Dickensian Thanksgiving For Congress full story...

A Dream Within A Dream full story...

Art, Truth & Politics - Harold Pinter – Nobel Lecture --read speech...

WAR (flash video) full story...

Age of Reason full story...

Reader's E-mail full story ...

Re: Iraq, Brains, Lies, The Reporters’ Privilege, Judicial Immorality, And Sam Alito. full story...

The Life of Eugene J. McCarthy 1916 -2005

Transit Workers

Members of TWU Local 100 (NYC)
at September 24 anti-war
demonstration in Washington DC.
(Photo by Mark Piotrowski. From MRzine.)

STRIKE OVER: RETURN TO WORK -Learn About It (click) -

Start December : STOP THE WAR NOW

UMass Dartmouth Investigates Report of Snooping on Student

Jonathan Tasini, the formerPresident of the National Writers Union is said to announce a run in '06 for the US Senate in New York.

--End The War Now--


Remembering November 11, 1918

Robert Novak: "I'm confident the President knows who the source is. So I say, 'Don't bug me. Don't bug Bob Woodward. Bug the president as to whether he should reveal who the source is.' " [newsobserver.com

Iraq Election Spells Total Defeat for US (see story...)

"Move Out Now"

Good Old Profiteering (GOP) d

Walk for Abolition: End the Death Penalty--Marin December 12th

10,000 or 100,000 or 1,000,000

Rep.Schmidt of Ohio

Casualties -- Americans will not cut and run.

"Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-OH) today on the House floor, speaking about Rep. John Murtha (D-PA), a decorated former Marine:" (click to run video)




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