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Yo! What happened to peace?

JUniversal Healthcare It's Free for Everyone

"The New Star Chamber: The New Jersey Family Court and the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act."

The Collateral Repair Project is a grassroots movement

'Moore proves something that should be self-evident, that healthcare should be free, and is one of the basic pillars of a decent society' Nikos Gorgoraptis, 26, junior doctor

SF Outloud.com

Jena by Mellencamp

Universal Heathcare 2

The Proficiency Illusion

Naomi Klein: What is The Shock Doctrine?

The Shock Doctrine

It's A Free World... (2007) :: Production Notes

“The U.S. war against the Third World.”

A podcast of Walt and Mearsheimer’s presentation from September 17th

Alienation and Dissociation

Planet of Slums ends with a provocative meditation on the “war on terrorism” as an incipient world war between the American empire and the slum poor.

Contrary to common belief even among the educated, (Aldous) Huxley and (George) Orwell did not prophesy the same thing. Orwell warns that we will be overcome by externally imposed oppression. But in Huxley's vision, no Big Brother is required to deprive people of their autonomy, maturity and history. As he saw it, people will come to love their oppression, to adore the technologies that undo their capacities to think." Neil Postman, 1985

WAR MADE EASY: How Presidents & Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death.

Tod Mikuriya, MD

Dave Dellinger's Life

David Dellinger still remembered

CSI Atlanta Video-"If jaywalking is against the law in Atlanta it is scarcely surprising the citizens are knocked down and squashed when they try it; good jaywalking requires a level of expertise which can only be acquired through serious practice from an early age."

Ask for Free Public Transportation

Seriousness is the only refuge of the shallow. - Oscar Wilde


Workers Memorial Day

News From Nowhere by William Morris

News from Nowhere Book Shop

Free Universal Healthcarre

Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong. - Oscar Wilde

Anti-Union Network


Lotta Continua

Good taste is the enemy of creativity - Picasso


Waist Deep In The Big Muddy

Dulce bellum inexpertis: war is sweet to the inexperienced.

The Political History of the Car Bomb

"I am what I am because of who we all are" - ubuntu

Quaker Action

‘If you work for a living, why do you kill yourself working?” Tuco from “Buono, il brutto, il cattivo, Il (1966)

Travel Cuba

NO BASES (Military)

"There is no organizer like victory, " Ho Chi Minh once remarked.

The secret of life is to appreciate the pleasure of being terribly, terribly deceived. - Oscar Wilde, A Woman of No Importance, Act 3


"si non vis pacem, para bellum"--if you do not want peace, prepare for war

Victory breeds hatred, for the defeated live in pain. Happily live the peaceful, giving up victory and defeat. (Buddhism)

Mahatma Gandhi: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Newspapers are unable, seemingly, to discriminate between a bicycle accident and the collapse of civilization. --George Bernard Shaw

Ubuntu is a complete Linux based software operating system

Center for Media and Democracy

La liberté éclairant le monde

Wikileaks.org :

“When the leaders speak of peace, the common folk know that war is coming. When the leaders curse war, the mobilization order is already written out.” - Bertolt Brecht

Wily Python Stories

Friends Peace

Courage to Resist

Website will allow you to calculate your own personal rate of inflation

"There was never a good war or a bad peace." Benjamin Franklin

It was James Baldwin who said, “People who shut their eyes to reality simply invite their own destruction.”

"The real difficulty in changing any enterprise lies not in developing new ideas, but in escaping from the old ones." John Maynard Keynes

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination. - John Lennon


Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent. - Isaac Asimov

"War is cruelty and you cannot refine it." - Gen. William T. Sherman 1820-1891

"Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance." - Will Durant

"History is one big smoking gun and the function of the official press is to say this isn't so." - Alex Cockburn

Dovetail Joints

Collective puts Marx's Das Kapital on stage

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"What is capital punishment if not the most premeditated of murders to which no criminal act, no matter how calculated, can be compared."-- Albert Camus


"We need to acknowledge, if we are thoughtful people, that terror is everywhere, and has been with us always, and involves all kind of people who later get called men of peace.'"- P. Sabin Willett

The Mindsweep - A Fellatio Rodriguez Film


"Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it." - George Bernard Shaw



"No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up."- Lily Tomlin


No Human Being Is Illegal


"Possession is nine tenths of the problem." - Dr. Winston O'Boogie

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“The first revolutionary act is to call things by their true names.”- Rosa Luxemburg

Before You Enlist

Paris transport workers join strike over pensions

Port Militarization Resistance -- Port of Olympia

11 Novmber 1918 - Armistice Day - "eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month."

"In Flanders fields the poppies grow, between the crosses, row on row."

Gripweed's Reasons for Fighting


Thanks to the one that made this piece of the movie possible on You Tube.

The abortion ship's doctor

US embarrassed as Putin honours spy who came in from the cornfields

"His mother should be able to call the police department and get protection, not like she's dialling M for murder."

Scott Bateman: Actual audio from the 1946 film "Despotism"

Chavez Blasts the Spanish King

Building profitable de facto debtors prisons

Righting Reagan’s Wrongs?

Writers Strike, Silence Falls

November 13, 1933 First recorded sit-down strike, Hormel Packing Co., Austin, Minnesota

The doctrine of revenge

The Teamsters and the Hollywood Strike

Pelosi, Feinstein Betraying Dems

10-year term in prison for what can only be described as a thought crime.

CBS News Writers to Vote on Allowing a Strike Over Pay

11th Hour, 11th Day, 11th Month

Treason of the Mainstream Democrats

King Juan Carlos, seated next to Zapatero, then leaned toward Chavez and loudly asked, "Por que no te callas?"—or "Why don't you shut up?"

Noveber 11, 1919 Five killed in clash between IWW and American Legion, Centralia, Washington

Sarkozy agenda for change threatened by strike chaos

Latin America's Shock Resistance

The Longitudinal Lesson Of Paul Krugman’s “The Conscience Of A Liberal.”

Despite evidence that misrepresenting the truth for political ends backfires, the American public remains susceptible.

Hawaii War Objector Wins Round Against Retrial

Holocaust denial in the White House

Port Militarization Resistance in Olympia, Washington

The Peru Free Trade Agreement fight that is coming to a head in Congress pits George Bush and Nancy Pelosi against the working families of the United States and Peru.

Plaintive Wail

Howard Zinn's "Rebel Voices" Opens in New York

The Unsung Solution

One simple rule for supporting the TV writers’ strike: Don’t download shows

She did it for the money.

In her own way, she is a true believer.

November 8, 1932 - That process began 75 years ago this evening, when Franklin Roosevelt recognized that, while Americans had chosen him as their president, they signaled their intention that America should turn left.

Scab writing: UK TV writers warned on strikebreaking

Off with their subsidies!

Anatomy stars join writers strike

RIGHTS-US: Gov't Pillories Avant-Garde Academics

Writers Strike Hits Hollywood Workers

Slave's son who inspired the Chartists gets credit at last

Torture is torture is torture is torture

November 8 1932 Socialist Norman Thomas wins almost 900,000 votes for President

Get Yourself Educated on the Writer's Guild Strike

Why We Want Our Words’ Worth

'We used to think there was a black community'

The Colbert Rapport

Zinn renews call to end 'sham' war

After years of anti-obesity public health advice, a major new study causes an outcry by concluding that the overweight live longer

'The Office' stops filming due to strike

DNA of the KKK

Writers' Strike Halts Some TV Production

Dollar hits 26-year low against pound

Today, November 6th, Dennis Kucinich exercised a Congressional privilege and introduced his bill, H Res 333 on the House floor to impeach Vice-Criminal Richard V. Cheney.

The Politics of Parsing

House Puts Impeachment On, Then Off, The Table

World Toilet Summit: Sanitation Beyond Septic Tanks and Sewers

"Each day in the world 200 million children sleep in the streets. Not one of them is Cuban."

The bosses who gambled and lost

A financial crisis that began in the US is coming to a home near you

Restoring public protections for the little guys against the greedy excesses of big hogs.

Let's hear it for the Reagan Revolution.

Investor Warren Buffet thinks the rich do not pay enough taxes.

Writers Strike Sends Shows Into Reruns

Writers block Hollywood as strike takes TV shows off the air

Copps, A Liberal Voice on The FCC, Knows How To Get His Message Out He speaks bluntly to the industry and rouses the grass roots.

The Mukasey hesitation on torture is our cue to call a halt to these crimes. (By the way, strapping victims to boards to prepare them for torture was common at Buchenwald.)

November 5, 1916 Five Wobblies and two police killed in Everett Massacre, Washington

How to Turn Workers Against Each Other (and Make Them All Poorer)

The London mayor, speaking at the Guardian's climate change summit, outlines his plans for reducing the capital's emissions

The Iraq war has become a disaster that we have chosen to forget

US threatens to withhold aid as Pakistan swings from democracy to dictatorship

Mexico hit by worst floods for 50 years

November 4, 1979 Iranian students seize U.S. Embassy in Teheran

The Green vs. the Brown Amazon

Déjà Vu

The Gap: New Frontiers in Child Abuse

It’s “revolutionary patience that yields long-term change.”

New credit crisis sparks rate-cut plea Bank shares in meltdown as bosses' heads roll

The Politics of Health Care in California

A new law passed last week in the Spanish parliament will finally officially address one of Spain's most painful issues

"I really don't know whether we'll be printing The Times in five years, and you know what? I don't care."

Pakistan takes yet another step into the dark night

Retired General Dunlavey: Guantanamo Mission Came Straight From Bush, Rumsfeld

November 3, 1883 Supreme Court rules that Native Americans are ‘aliens’

The Case of the LA8: U.S. Drops Twenty-Year Effort to Deport Arab Americans for Supporting Palestinian National Rights

Army's Prime Salesman of Counterinsurgency Manual Seeks to Defend Stolen Scholarship

Barclays was yesterday the subject of intense speculation in the City

Amiri Baraka has always played with the language and, by default, our minds.

Frances Moore Lappé's Recipe for Radical Renewal

Gertrude Himmelfarb: Brown's guru

Million people hit as Mexico flood waters continue to rise

And Now They Want to Privatize the Oceans ....

Rapture rescue will airlift you to safety. If you can afford it

101 gadgets that changed the world

Rendition, Gavin Hood's powerful, appalling testimony of the torture of a "terrorist suspect"

Rice to Face Subpoena in Espionage Case

Word to Clinton

November 2, 1920 Eugene V. Debs receives almost one million votes for President while in prison

Fascist Beatifications

300,000 trapped by Mexican floods

Mexican floods leave 300,000 stranded

Rapture Rescue 911: Disaster Response for the Chosen

Waterboarding is torture - I did it myself, says US advisor

The calamity of Iraq has not even won us cheap oil

"It makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck."

Adventures in Wonderland

It's based on the "screw-you" philosophy of governing, a philosophy on display in California.

Canada Spy Agency Oversteps Mandate

Edwards put his finger on it when he called the political system in our country "rigged" and "corrupt":

NICARAGUA: At-Risk Pregnancy Means Death or Prison

UN Spurns Cuba Embargo for 17th Year

From the White House to CBS

Hollywood writers poised to down pens in cash row

Open Secrets (Elections 2008)

Rice’s accusation against the Revolutionary Guards is not only totally unfounded, it turns the truth outrageously on its head.

The five-a-day fantasy: Are you getting enough?

Pilfered Scholarship Devastates General Petraeus's Counterinsurgency Manual

King Abdullah flies in to lecture us on terrorism

Worst EU Lobbying and Greenwash Awards 2007

Landless Rural Worker Shot by Security Company Hired by Multinational Syngenta

Poll 2008

He Kept the Faith for 90 Years

Hundreds of Spanish civil war Franco Collaborators beatified

The Big Con: Back with a vengeance

French muck: Is this the new penicillin?

Then he discovered Ayn Rand. "What she did...was to make me think why capitalism is not only efficient and practical, but also moral," he said in 1974.

Daylight Saving Time

They will have 10 days to accept or reject the position. If not enough say yes, some will be ordered to go to Iraq and face dismissal if they refuse, Harry Thomas, director general of the Foreign Service, said Friday.

Rights groups file French torture case vs Rumsfeld

The boa-constrictor-sized parasites of US private health insurance seeking to get their fangs into the British NHS.

Healthcare can be delivered to all

We're all "Terrorists" now

" Music is everybody's possession. It's only publishers who think that people own it. "- John Lennon

"...new rules that will require Americans to get government permission 72 hours in advance prior to being allowed to board a domestic flight."

'Ending Nuclear Power is a first step to stopping Nuclear War'

Thoughtlessness or Carelessness?

"If fighting for a more equal and equitable distribution of the wealth of this country is socialistic, I stand guilty of being a socialist."

Studs Terkel: The world's greatest interviewer

Charles D. Riechers, 47, the second-highest-ranking procurement officer in the United States Air Force — killed himself...

Re-financing? Need A Loan??!! Today

COINTELPRO and the Panthers

Textbook Disclaimer Stickers

Heaven on Earth

Imagine Peace—A Ray of Light in Dark Times

In what turned out to be his final performances, Bruce took to reciting (with a thick German accent) lines from a poem by the Trappist monk Thomas Merton — a meditation on the high-ranking Nazi official Adolf Eichmann. “My defense? I was a soldier. I saw the end of a conscientious day’s effort. I watched through the portholes. I saw every Jew burned and turned into soap. Do you people think yourselves better because you burned your enemies at long distances with missiles? Without ever seeing what you’d done to them?” - Lenny Bruce

SEYMOUR M. HERSH The New Yorker staff writer talks with the magazine’s editor-in-chief, David Remnick. From the 2007 New Yorker Festival.

Legalise all drugs: chief constable demands end to 'immoral laws'

Here Come the "Bankrupted Social Security" Scamsters, Again

The Case for Universal Health Care

Imagine Peace

We must engage in the Long Resistance to this current world war, using every nonviolent means to bring about its end.

Mrs. Bubbles Memoir

A basic rule of history is that the inevitable eventually happens.

His lawsuit will attempt to show that CBS tried to suppress the report on Bush’s National Guard Service and the Abu Ghraib abuses.

Bring On The Lucie (Freda People)

“Never believe anything until it’s officially denied.”

"Capitalism has destroyed our belief in any effective power but that of self interest backed by force." George Bernard Shaw

A Feather From The Sky

Five More Minutes

The mouse that shook the world

Five More Minutes

The Last Antiwar Poem

"Wichita Vortex Sutra"

Helen Caldicott speaks up for us

Nuclear Energy: Still a Bad Idea


"We should take care, in inculcating patriotism into our boys and girls, that is a patriotism above the narrow sentiment which usually stops at one's country, and thus inspires jealousy and enmity in dealing with others... Our patriotism should be of the wider, nobler kind which recognises justice and reasonableness in the claims of others and which lead our country into comradeship with...the other nations of the world. The first step to this end is to develop peace and goodwill within our borders, by training our youth of both sexes to its practice as their habit of life, so that the jealousies of town against town, class against class and sect against sect no longer exist; and then to extend this good feeling beyond our frontiers towards our neighbours." Lord Baden-Powell


"In 1964 Barry Goldwater declared: 'Elect me president, and I will bomb the cities of Vietnam, defoliate the jungles, herd the population into concentration camps and turn the country into a wasteland.' But Lyndon Johnson said: 'No! No! No! Don't you dare do that. Let ME do it.'"

Characterization (paraphrased) of the 1964 Goldwater/Johnson presidential race by Professor Irwin Corey, "The World's Foremost Authority."


"it takes two to speak the truth, one to speak and another to hear"
- henry david thoreau

Human Rights

It has been said, "if you understand, things are just as they are; if you do not understand, things are just as they are." Let us understand that to live is a human right. We have a right not to be killed; others have also have a right not to be killed.

Poet John Donne's line "never send to ask for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee," says it well.

When the gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers. - Oscar Wilde, An Ideal husband, 1893


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