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John Lennon & Yoko Ono: 'War Is Over! (If You Want It)'

Poverty is the worst form of violence. - Gandhi

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War itself is the enemy of the human race. —Howard Zinn

Renounce War Projects

Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth. - Mohandas Gandhi

There's No Place Like Home

Dedicated to the need for basic change in the structure of our political and economic system, we seek to unite the lawyers, law students, legal workers and jailhouse lawyers of America, to function as an effective political and social force in the service of the people, to the end that human rights shall be regarded as more sacred than property interests. National Lawyers Guild S.F. Bay Area Chapter

"I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong." - Bertrand Russell

John and Yoko give peace a chance (7 pictures)

Don't Deploy

"One has to grow hard but without ever losing tenderness." - Che Guevarra

Universal Healthcare

It is always a silly thing to give advice, but to give good advice is fatal.- Oscar Wilde

Universal Healthcare 

’The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.’ Mahatma Gandhi 

"This Land is Your Land"

Some hours of work

"Let's just speak of using the incredible wealth of the earth for human beings, Give people what they need: food, medicine, clean air, pure water, trees and grass, pleasant homes to live in, some hours of work, more hours of leisure."- Howard Zinn from 'Marx in Soho'


“Compassion was the chief and, perhaps the only law of all human existence.” From The Idiot, p 263 trans. David Magardhack, Penguin Classics 1955

The Shakespeare Sonnets, from 1 to 154 - the full links

It's a Public Benefit

Biographies of William Morris (1834-96)

Davy The Fat Boy

"You must never suggest that ordinary people collaborated. You must never suggest that the people who committed crimes were not monsters but human beings under certain pressures who do not belong to a separate category but are completely normal people." - Louis Malle

Renounce War .info

Stop The Killing Now


"The past is never the past. It is always present. And you better reckon with it in your life and in your daily experience, or it will get you. It will get you really bad. It will come and it will devour you, it will remove you from the present. It will steal your future and this happens every day." - Bruce Springteen

(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding

"Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man." Thomas Paine

Universal Healthcare

The only devils in this world are those running around in our own hearts,
and that is where all our battles should be fought.
~Mahatma Gandhi

"Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!" –from "Ozymandias" (Ramesses the Great)

To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance. - Oscar Wilde

Yankee Go Home

“I hope I don’t go to hell. Imagine the table talk of all those popes.” - Luis Buñuel

"Whether they are fit for independence or not remains to be tried. Merit is no justification for freedom." T. E. Lawrence wrote about Iraqis on 22 August 1920.


“Hic Rhodus, hic salta!”

I renounce war


Renounce War

"If a majority of workers want a union, they should get a union; it's that simple" ~ Barack Obama, April 2008


Give Peace A Chance

"I'm neither Trotskyist nor Guevarist or Luxemburgist, I'm a revolutionary. And revolution needs to be reinvented, for no revolutionary experiment has ever succeeded. Some of them ended up as bloody caricatures".- Olivier Besancenot

Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros Police and Thieves.

Universal Healthcare

"I would rather be vaguely right, than precisely wrong." - John Maynard Keynes

Polonius advice to his son Laertes:

"Those friends thou hast and their adoption tried,
Grapple them unto thy soul with hoops of steel."

Polonius' advice:

"This above all—
To thine own self be true;
And it must follow
As the night the day,
Thou canst not then
Be false to any man."


Seeräuber Jenny

War Is Over 2010

~ The greed of gain has no time or limit to its capaciousness. Its one object is to produce and consume. It has pity neither for beautiful nature nor for living human beings. It is ruthlessly ready without a moment's hesitation to crush beauty and life out of them, molding them into money. Rabindranath Tagore

Universal Healthcare

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed ~ Gandhi

“The difficulty lies, not in the new ideas, but in escaping from the old ones, which ramify, for those brought up as most of us have been, into every corner of our minds.” - John Maynard Keynes

"The problems we face today cannot be solved by the minds that created them." - Albert Einstein

Universal Healthcare 2010

“Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, the soul of soulless conditions, it is the opium of the people.” - Marx


John Lennon Give Peace a Chance Live in Toronto 1969

Give Peace A Chance

"The comfort of the rich depends upon an abundant supply of the poor" - Voltaire

The Great Transformation By Karl Polanyi

---MAHALIA JACKSON Live late 1960's--- We shall overcome



Muir Beach in Marin California

Cuba's zunzún or bumblebee hummingbird

Universal Healthcare

“I was not the one to invent lies: they were created in a society divided by class and each of us inherited lies when we were born. It is not by refusing to lie that we will abolish lies: it is by eradicating class by any means necessary.” — Jean Paul Sartre, Dirty Hands: act 5, scene 3. 1963

What is Property? By P. J. Proudhon


1000 artworks to see before you die

Don't Deploy

Caused by the future adminstration

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead.

Highland clan chief Diarmid MacAulay walks us through his favourite landscapes in Scotland

“He who serves all, best serves himself.” Jack London

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Give Peace A  Chance

‘If you work for a living, why do you kill yourself working?” Tuco from “Buono, il brutto, il cattivo, Il (1966)

"In October 1884, a convention held by the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions unanimously set May 1, 1886, as the date by which the eight-hour work day would become standard. When May 1, 1886 approached, American labor unions prepared for a general strike in support of the eight-hour day. The Haymarket affair is generally considered to have been an important influence on the origin of international May Day observances for workers"

Revolution Number 9 Backwards

Soldiers, Don't Deploy


“believe nothing until it has been officially denied.”- Claude Cockburn

Strawberry Fields Forever

Victor Jara - Comandante Che Guevara

Marjorie Cohn is president of the National Lawyers Guild

It's got electrolytes

The dull compulsion of economic relations completes the subjection of the laborer to the capitalist. - Marx

"When you start a war for the wrong reasons, you are responsible for all that follows, even the other side's atrocities." - Michael Neumann

Empire's Military Bases Map

A Campaign to Cut Poverty in the United States in Half in Ten Years

It's Bigger Than Hip Hop

Howl: People vs Ferlinghetti - Final mp3 Beat Generation, etc

"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little."- Edmund Burke

Glimpses of Nature


"New York City Hippie"

“Labor cannot, on any terms, surrender the right to strike.” —Louis Brandeis, Supreme Court Justice

Steve Earle - City Of Immigrants (Official)

Works in Progress

“The scab is a traitor to his God, his mother, and his class” Jack London

"Information is like air. It must be free for all. Forever."

Social Justice Leadership

"Any law which violates the inalienable rights of man is essentially unjust and tyrannical; it is not a law at all." -- Maximilien Robespierre

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek." - June Jordan

If we are always guided by other people’s thoughts, what’s the good of having our own? -- Oscar Wilde from “A Good Woman” 

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” - Helen Keller


Universal Healthcare 

America is gangsterism for the private profit of the few.-Vanessa Redgrave

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Courage to Resist

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"There was never a good war or a bad peace." Benjamin Franklin

It was James Baldwin who said, “People who shut their eyes to reality simply invite their own destruction.”

"The real difficulty in changing any enterprise lies not in developing new ideas, but in escaping from the old ones." John Maynard Keynes

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination. - John Lennon


Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent. - Isaac Asimov

"War is cruelty and you cannot refine it." - Gen. William T. Sherman 1820-1891

"Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance." - Will Durant

"History is one big smoking gun and the function of the official press is to say this isn't so." - Alex Cockburn

Dovetail Joints

Collective puts Marx's Das Kapital on stage

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"What is capital punishment if not the most premeditated of murders to which no criminal act, no matter how calculated, can be compared."-- Albert Camus


"We need to acknowledge, if we are thoughtful people, that terror is everywhere, and has been with us always, and involves all kind of people who later get called men of peace.'"- P. Sabin Willett

The Mindsweep - A Fellatio Rodriguez Film


"Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it." - George Bernard Shaw

No One Is Safe: The Ruling Class Unleashed

Do do do do do do- oh yeah!

"No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up."- Lily Tomlin

“Neither the colourless vagueness of cosmopolitanism nor the fierce self-idolatry of nation worship is the goal of human history.”- Rabindranath Tagore

"The crimes of the US throughout the world have been systematic, constant, clinical, remorseless, and fully documented but nobody talks about them" - Harold Pinter

"A clever man solves a problem; a wise man avoids it." Einstein



No Human Being Is Illegal

"It is so simple a remedy, merely service. Not one ignoble thought or act is demanded of any of all men and women in the world to make fair the world. The call is for nobility of thinking, nobility of doing. The call is for service, and such is the wholesomeness of it. He who serves all best serves himself." - Jack London


"Possession is nine tenths of the problem." - Dr. Winston O'Boogie

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“The first revolutionary act is to call things by their true names.”- Rosa Luxemburg

Before You Enlist

“Some men see things as they are and say why? I dream things that never were and say 'Why not?” - George Bernard Shaw

An Infinite Succession of Presents

“Voting is easy and marginally useful, but it is a poor substitute for democracy, which requires direct action by concerned citizens.” - Howard Zinn

Soldier, We Love You

"Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!" –from "Ozymandias

Corporate Media Discover Private Spies. In Other News, No WMD in Iraq

Peabody Coal and the Death of Thomas Brown

Arab guilty of rape after consensual sex with Jew

Redemption Songs

Made in China

Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer - Redemption Songs

Redemption Songs Bob Marley

Redemption Songs Bob Marley Acoustic

Why did all these sceptical officials go along with the Iraq invasion?

The Origins of Habeas Corpus

The invasion of Iraq triggered a massive upsurge in terrorist activity against the UK, the former head of MI5 said

Willesden To Cricklewood

A Parliamentary Mob Inside the Israeli Knesset

Enjoy the sunshine, get plenty of sleep – and be sociable

Pushing for Living Wages and Jobs for All Labor Fights Back

Helping homeowners – or the banks?

Superpower psychology

Bar chairman backs calls to reconsider drug laws

BP's Scheme to Swindle the "Small People"

US & Afghan military and police personnel are involved in the Afghan drug trade.

National Actions Against Billionaire Pritzkers and the Hyatt Hotel Chain

Briefing: Greg Mitchell on America's Massive Intelligence Apparatus

The Retirement Nightmare: Half of Americans Have Less Than $2,000 Banked for Their Golden Years

When the message is true, demonize, demonize, and demonize the messenger. –Matt Drayton

Poisoning the working class

Pain & Politics

When BP’s own cameras in June showed oil blowing out of cracks in the sea floor near the wellhead. Both offices promised to respond. To date, neither has.

Were not smart; we're not kind

Damaging Video Released: Netanyahu: I Deceived the US to Destroy Oslo Accords

Worse Than Ever - The Path of Unemployment

Social Security Under Attack: Cuts Proposed, Higher Retirement Age Suggested

Tim Shorrock Asks Why It Took the Washington Post So Long to Investigate the US Intelligence System

America lowers the flag: Iraq's unquiet peace

The Corporate Intelligence Community: A Photo Exclusive

Anthropomorphic well to be killed

The overall goal of AFSC’s program in Haiti is to strengthen local people’s capacities to manage conflicts and reduce violence.

Picketers protest privatization 10 Clarenceville custodians to lose jobs July 31

Unlike Iraq, dressing retreat up as success will be difficult

Right back where we started from, in a land where the one-eyed man is still emir.

The American State Media

"There is nothing so strong or safe in an emergency of life as the simple truth." - Charles Dickens

How to Survive the Crisis (Organize!)

The world economy in the early 21st century is not even remotely borderless.

Nonesense Doesn't Make Sense Because a J.P. Morgan CEO Says It

Arizona: The state really has grown on the basis of growth

Department of Labor crackdown on the intern racket.

The income of the average working man flattened out in '73 and never went up in spending ability.

The 1934 San Francisco General Strike

Wanted by the CIA: The man who keeps no secrets

Chickpeas can be transformed with a lump of ginger, red chillies and lemon grass.

They're all grovelling and you can guess the reason

The sesquicentennial of the American Civil War now looms on the horizon

Outsourcing firms are preparing for bonanza of contracts to provide everything from binmen to back office bureaucrats

It's a shell game for gutting the welfare state and redistributing wealth upward.

Foundations and Social Change

Civil Liberties Groups, Scholars Urge Clinton to Grant Visa to Colombian Nieman Fellow

Attacks by government on our human and civil rights are always first directed at people on the margins who do not have widespread popular support.

Civil Rights Attorney Lynne Stewart Resentenced to 10-Year Term—Nearly Five Times Her Original Sentence

UK Sought Rendition of British Nationals to Guantánamo; Tony Blair Directly Involved

Only when Haitians are allowed to run their own affairs will real reconstruction begin.

Palestinians Suffer as Court's Authority Hits All-Time Low Israel Stops Listening to Its Judges

Worth It

Great Hoarding Causing Great Hurt

In the Basement of Mexican Justice, No One is Innocent

We know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing that we know about living.” - General Omar Bradley

The blockade had become by that time a very perfect instrument.

Same-sex marriages are enshrined in Argentinian law

Grasping at Denial Reality Gap in the Gulf

When one reads Bibles, one is less surprised at what the Deity knows than at what He doesn't know. -- Mark Twain

Goldman Sachs Did Not Just Survive, It Was Rescued

Fearful people are irrational.

Recession has hit majority of Americans, study finds

Problem is the Iroquois don’t recognize the U.S. or Canada.

then blocked by Britain

"Tea Party in Sonora": Ken Silverstein of Harper’s Says Arizona is Laboratory for Radical GOP Policies

Land Reform: A Clear and Constant Problem for Paraguay's President

Utah's Anti-Immigrant Dystopia

"They Have Terrorized Our Community": Anti-Immigrant List Targets Latinos in Utah

America Real BP Gulf oil disaster is still to come

Conservatism's Death Gusher

Three Cheers for the Post Office

Double Dividend: Make Money by Saving Nature

Economists across the political spectrum believe that the Federal Reserve Board and other central banks failed miserably in the Great Depression

"Contempt for Workers is the Religion of Elites"

How Would You Like Brigido Oregon’s Job?

How’s that for financial mumbo jumbo?

Octavia Nasr’s Outrageous Firing from CNN

Free the Cuban Five!

Land Ownership at the Crux of Haiti’s Stalled Reconstruction

The Newest Hasbara Group in Town: the Emergency Committee for Israel

Defeating Racists in Mississippi The Living Legacy of James Meredith

This crime was a symptom of a wider sickness in the police

FCC Should Not Be Censors

Save, Baby, Save: A Barrel Saved Is a Barrel Not Needed - Ever!

July 13th 2010 Hilton San Francisco - Hilton Lobby Takeover

An Interview with James Cromwell

European Authorities Enacting Regressive Reforms

Anarchism and Nonviolence: Time for a "Complementarity of Tactics"

The Case of Ameer Makhoul - A Prisoner's Wife

It is absurd to imply that a switch to a U.S.-type system would somehow save money.

"Every political edict which is not based upon nature is wrong." Louis Antoine de Saint-Just, 1792

Resistance is the Health of the People - The Snitches of Utah

Unemployment falls but part-time working hits record high

Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, may just represent the future of news reporting, but he's not a journalist

The Root of Economic Fragility and Political Anger

But how free is the person who is homeless, or starving, or uninsured, or unemployed?

Dockworkers, Worldwide, Respond to Israel's Flotilla Massacre and Gaza Siege

Treat reckless corporate behaviour: The problem is that government has been controlled for far too long by soft-on-crime conservatives.

The Spot-and-Shoot Game

The Disappearing Intellectual in the Age of Economic Darwinism

Guantánamo: The Definitive Prisoner List (Updated for Summer 2010)

Castro 'looking good' in first public outing for four years

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro reappears on TV

Fidel Castro warns of imminent nuclear catastrophe

In the interview, the Cuban revolutionary spoke of an "imminent" US and Israeli attack on Iran

The Attack of the Real Black Helicopter Gang: The IMF Is Coming for Your Social Security

After 75 Years, Is It Time to Revive the WPA? Putting America Back to Work

The Case for a New WPA Why many are calling for a modern incarnation of the Depression-era program.

There is No Plan For Permanently Housing the 1.9 Million Haitians Who Lost Their Homes in the Quake

Minister Seeks to Punish Boycott Supporters

Labour must renew the covenant of trust that Keir Hardie forged

In the Oscar Grant Movement, Steel Sharpens Steel Oakland's Verdict

'Minus the smell, nothing has changed in six months'

On Being Led By the Nose

Switzerland frees film director Roman Polanski

A Strategy, Not a Principle Boycotting Israel

Young Americans have given up watching the news. It’s too depressing

Hung Out to Dry

The Deficit Commission Refuses to Talk to Anyone Who Knows About the Economy

Wealthy Reap Rewards While Those Who Work Lose

'Grief is like a tsunami'

The economic advisers of the day had both the unanimity and the authority to force the leaders of both parties to disavow all the available steps to check deflation and depression.

Spain win the World Cup in extra-time

After Oscar Grant, just take guns away from US police officers

Saul Alinsky, circa 1946: 'I love this goddamn country, and we're going to take it back.'

Detroit gets growing

There was this loud, metallic click-click-click-click sound

'You pushed the button and out came hundreds and thousands of sonatas'

In its fear-based logic, the court sought to isolate violent extremists, but its decision will only end up isolating the United States.

Israeli academics hit back over bid to pass law that would criminalise them

Threatening World Order: US and Israel Quietly Announce Plans to Reconstitute Their Nuclear Stockpiles

Panama: 2nd banana worker killed in labor protest

Charities shocked as sick youngsters due to have respite holidays in Britain are told their visas are rejected the night before departure

The Crisis & the Euro

“To be sure, some give extravagantly to charity, especially when they die, but their bequests can never compensate for the harm they do in their lifetimes.”

Talking Dustbowl Blues

Running Out of Solutions

Israel has started construction on a new section of its West Bank separation barrier that Palestinian residents say could sound a death knell for their hamlet.

Wikileaks founder who torments the Pentagon comes out of shadows

CNN was wrong about Ayatollah Fadlallah

Chez Sludge: How the Sewage Sludge Industry Bedded Alice Waters

To end business-as-usual in Washington so we can bring about real change?

Haitians wait in tents for a recovery that has still barely begun

Runaway Recession

immigrants have brought a new ethic of self-reliance, collective organization and sweat equity.

New Review's monthly guide to the 20 best photographic exhibitions and books

Neither Devaluation Nor Austerity, But Tax Restructuring

The Right Prescription for an Ailing Economy

Today, from the vantage point of history, such claims appear only as window-dressing for brazen territorial conquest

The NSA's "Perfect Citizen"

Drug Cartels Win Mexico's Super Sunday Elections

Wall Street's banditry was the proximate cause of the Great Recession, not its underlying cause.

The Great Marginalization Life in the Low to Mid-Teens

Democrats are constantly resorting to disaster messaging.

The goal should be a country where every neighborhood features

The Dickensian world of extradition

Big Oil Refuses to Negotiate Safety Bargain With Union Despite Deadly Accidents

AFL-CIO President Trumka on Jobs and the Economy

The American television channel WFLD, owned by News Corporation's Fox Television Stations group, questioned whether libraries are still needed.

'Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.'"- Walter Cronkite

What happens to US credibility when the Secretary of State makes such a stupid statement?

Losing in Afghanistan

The Chronic Failure of Israeli Leadership

The Charge of the Media Brigade

Tradtional Democrats are more likely to note that the "explosion in government debt" was due to an economic collapse that wiped out the savings and home equity of workers near retirement.

Six years in jail, no charge: the war on terror's forgotten victim speaks

As Sangin shows, British troops were never geared up to make a lasting difference

Netanyahu Didn’t Deserve the Red Carpet Treatment

After U.S. Praise for Netanyahu’s "Restraint", Israeli Journalist Amira Hass Asks Obama to Imagine Life as A Palestinian Under Occupation

Ford's nomination in February fulfilled Obama's pledge

Afghanistan: Now it's America's war

Republicans: a party of unemployment

Beyond the dross

Police State Canada

State Department Denies Visa to Leading Colombian Journalist and Nieman Fellow

Child Poverty in the Age of Neoliberalism Forgotten Casualties of the Recession

The Poverty Solution: Just Give Money to the Poor

As President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meet, a report reveals 42 per cent of territory is controlled by settlers

A pledge for opportunism

Government Launches Huge Attack on Poor India Goes on Strike

Republicans Incite Class Warfare—Within the Middle Class

How the IAEA's Heinonen Pushed Dubious Iran Nuclear Intel

Bamboo Houses to the Rescue

Water, Extinction and Power Politics in California

Against counterinsurgency in Afghanistan

Honduras, a Year After the Coup Widening Rifts in Latin America

Newspeak: why the BBC has an 'issue' with problems

Interview with Danny Glover

The killing of Mohamed Msallem shocked a nation.

Jottings on The Conjuncture

G20 ignores humanity

Put away the flags

What is Neo-liberalism? A Brief Definition

Ridiculous America

I’m talking about the mindless patriotic bubble bath we’re all supposed to soak in all weekend long.

A Fault Lines Interview with Danny Glover

Left Writers as Endangered Species

It sets into motion a scramble by our government to take away the individual rights of Americans.

It would be almost impossible to produce this pattern of errors if the IMF was not using political criteria in its growth projections for Argentina.

Restoring the Fourth Amendment: How We, the People, Can Win Over Washington

House Stands Firm on Afghanistan Withdrawal Timetable

Deadly skies: The bloody truth about the Battle of Britain 70 years on

Let our truth stand as their truth too

How to Make an American Job Before It's Too Late

Decline in Labor Force Leads to Drop in Unemployment

Is Israel Creating a Loyalty Test? Jerusalem Expulsions

ACLU Study Highlights U.S. Surveillance Society

How Goldman gambled on starvation

Battling the Banksters

Researchers at Boston University claim the test can identify those who can look forward to an exceptionally long life with 77% accuracy.

Police Surveillance and Obstruction of First Amendment- Protected Activity

Lonesome Tears In My Eyes

Crazy talk about the Middle East seems to be escalating

Scientists discover what makes us live longer

Iraq looks to spectacular oil boom to revive its political fortunes


Does Afghanistan account for about 90% of global illicit opium production?

Official analysis of Budget impact on jobs revealed

I want to hold your hand

"I would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong." Frederick Douglass

Hello Stranger

Diane Abbott backs Ken Livingstone to be Labour candidate for London mayor

There is nothing like a Summer Love

Another World Is Possible, Another Detroit Is Happening

Racism Fuels the Possibility of Acquittal and Rebellion

Fingertips Part 2

President Obama lost patience with Runaway General's failed strategy

Good Regs, Zero Enforcement Giving Laws the Finger

It's My Party

Sticking the Public With the Bill for the Bankers' Crisis

The boycott is part of a wider attempt to foster non-violent resistance against Israel's occupation


This shows the power of right-wing ideology in this country: Even the simplest, smallest and most obvious steps to relieve economic misery can be held back.

The Pentagon's Threat to the Republic

Easier Said Than Done

Larry Rohter attacks our film, “South of the Border,” for “mistakes, misstatements and missing details.” But a close examination of the details reveals that the mistakes, misstatements, and missing details are his own, and that the film is factually accurate

My Girl

One Year After Coup, Honduras Repression Continues

Cry Baby

Tariq Ali, who is one of the screenwriters of Oliver Stone's new documentary

Seeing It All in Toronto: Still Free, Barely Holding On

A World Without Love

The Real Crime Scene Was Inside the G20 Summit

Blueprint for a Purely Jewish State

G20 applauds fiscal austerity

It's All Right

How Saville Got the Higher-Ups Off the Hook

If he was looking for financial and pyschological limits he might have considered the case of Japan.

Banksters, Corrupt Politicians Face Prosecution - in Iceland

Last week, police raided the home of a retired bishop

Made in his own image: The Catholic Church faces another scandal

Let Them Eat Coriander - Gaza Starves More Slowly

Venezuela is no dictatorship, and has less inequality than any Latin American country

There is reason to believe that the IMF has political motivations in the advice it gives.

The US film that confronts the truth about Afghanistan

The New National Security State

The Myth of "Wealthier Seniors" and Cutting Social Security and Medicare

An Uprising of Bones

Stone's "Border" Shows Fall of South America's Berlin Wall

"We will have more to say after that meeting."

Instead of beating up on retirees by cutting social security, we can reduce deficits by standing up to powerful interest groups

Goodbye Keynes, Hello Hoover

WikiLeaks to release video of deadly US Afghan attack

South of the Border

In the Service of the Rich

Double, double toil and trouble Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

FIFA World Cup Matches

In the Shadow of the Serengeti

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”

The Fate of Kashmir

The science of cake

It was not by making yourself heard but by staying sane that you carried on the human heritage

A bill of rights that included people's socioeconomic needs could challenge government policy decisions

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do.

2, 4, 6, 8, who do we...

From 1961 to 1970 more than 20,000 missions that dispersed about 13 million gallons of chemicals over five million acres of Vietnam's forests and agricultural lands; southern Laos and Cambodia were sprayed too.e

Part II: "The Unspoken Alliance: Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa."

"The Unspoken Alliance": New Book Documents Arms, Nuclear and Diplomatic Ties Between Israel and Apartheid South Africa

On the Backs of Women: Cutting Child Care, Welfare and Head Start

The Unspoken Alliance

Historian Bruce Cumings: US Stance on Korea Ignores Tensions Rooted in 65-Year-Old Conflict; North Korea Sinking Could Be Response to November ’09 South Korea Attack

Nuclear Offer to Apartheid Regime Blows Diplomatic Cover

Don't Stop The Carnival

It is not clear whether Mr. Bullard advocates more consumer indebtedness or higher unemployment,

The theft of a continent is not a closed chapter in human history

Hallalujah, the Whole World is Against Us!

People 'feeling more isolated and lonely'


Hunger strike in defense of work begins in Mexico

“Compassion was the chief and, perhaps the only law of all human existence.”

The Chicago Boys' Free Market Theology

Revealed: how Israel offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons

Below the Radar: HUD is Trying to Privatize and Mortgage Off All of America’s Public Housing

The Wage Penalty for State and Local Government Employees

Report: Public Housing Works, When You Invest In It

National Lawyers Guild Urges U.S. Media to Cease Misrepresentation of Cuba’s Human Rights Record

“Obama’s Afghan-Pak Syndrome"

Galbraith: The danger posed by the deficit ‘is zero’

Strontium-90 found in soil at Vermont nuke plant

HUD is Trying to Privatize and Mortgage Off All of America’s Public Housing

Where's the Will to Get Americans Back to Work?

Waist Deep In The Big Muddy

"Lalena" and "Happiness Runs"

Antisocial parochialism

Humans emerged due to 'mass fish extinction'

And that’s how the breakroom got painted blue..

Closet Politics: Sanctimonious

“I thought what was good for the country was good for General Motors and vice versa.”

We live in a culture were we prefer to see success as the achievement of a unique author rather than the fruits of collective action.

“Wow,” I thought. “There’s a whole philosophy of attributing base motives to others? Why have I not heard of this?”

"Parar Es Morir!" - To Stop Is To Die!

The danger posed by the deficit ‘is zero’

“The People of Greece Are Fighting for the Whole of Europe”: Tariq Ali and Mark Weisbrot Discuss Greece’s Economic Crisis and Popular Uprising

President of Cant

What Do Grassroots Organizers Actually Do When They Organize?

What created democracy was Thomas Paine and Shays Rebellion, the suffragists and the abolitionists and on down through the populists and the labor movement, including the Wobblies

“I am no Moses to lead you out of the wilderness … because if I could lead you out, someone else could lead you in again.” - Eugene Debs

Private Profits vs Public Health

The Economics of Revolution” Book by Helen Yaffe Reviewed by Diana Raby

Human Rights violations are so commonplace in the US of A that we do not even think of them as Human Rights violations.- Scott ffolliott

And it's the "fair use" thing which is important here

Waiting for C. Wright Mills

"The economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment, not the other way around."

Ill Fares the Land

"Power Yields Nothing Without Demand"

Framing, value shifting, the California budget crisis, and why Democrats so often act like Republicans.

Reclaim the State: Experiments in Popular Democracy.

“A Talk to Teachers” By James Baldwin

A large indentured class of workers is struggling to escape debt rather than build a better life.

Union-Busting = Death

"...a newspaper columnist as a person obliged to find significance three times a week in events of absolutely no consequence."

The Rules are Written to Protect the Wealthy and the Powerful - The Myth of Market Fundamentalism

The Problem Is Civil Obedience

Bolivia's Coca-Colla

The Myth of Mean Labor- The Secret of Southwest Airlines

Brown vs. Democracy

On the Duty to Conscientiously Object

Mother Teresa's "clinics and hospitals" were in actuality hospices, where medical care was lacking.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Rebuttal Of The Dalai Lama’s Denigration of Sex By Janie Rezner

Corner Store

Mos Def Reads Malcolm X

Sex abuse and silence exposed DND brass told of rape of boys by Afghan allies

Sandra Oh reads Emma Goldman.

The absolute ... spells doom to everyone when it is introduced into the political realm. - Hannah Arendt

Executing Handcuffed Afghan Kids?.

The twin swelling heads of Empire and Oligarchy are driving our country into an ever-deepening corporate state, wholly incompatible with democracy and the rule of law

Who Runs the University of California?

How Imperial San Franciscans Loot the Planet: DiFi and Blum: a Marriage Marinated in Money

Wayne Morse on Democracy

The British government has long denied that wartime air raids on German cities were intended to kill as many civilians as possible. In fact, the raids, led by Arthur Harris, were motivated largely by a desire to hit back and destroy indiscriminately

Chernobyl: a Photographic Essay

The Cult of "Personal Responsibility"

'Corner Store': From mini-mart to the Mideast

Actor and Activist Danny Glover on Legacy of US-Haitian Relations Dating Back to 1804

Fidel Castro: The lesson of Haiti

Disdain Versus Democracy

Olivier Besancenot à CPolitique

Don't Deploy

Howard Zinn: “Holy Wars”

The Trials of Tony Judt

“Holy Wars” May 2, 2009

Three Holy Wars

Prison was "a good corrective to three years at Harvard."

A fundamental challenge facing every society is to create political, economic and social systems that promote peace, human welfare and a healthy environment on which life depends.


"This is the second generation of people who can't imagine change except in their own lives, who have no sense of social collective public goods or services, who are just isolated individuals desperately striving to better themselves above everybody else."

Some Principles of the Commons

We don't need this culture of overwork

Looting Social Security, Part 2

Looting Social Security

Walls never work: in the Middle East or in Ireland

"The crimes of the US throughout the world have been systematic, constant, clinical, remorseless, and fully documented but nobody talks about them" - Harold Pinter

My notion of democracy is that under it the weakest shall have the same opportunities as the country in the world today shows any but patronizing regard for the weak... Western democracy, as it functions today, is diluted fascism...true democracy cannot be worked by twenty men sitting at the center. It has to be worked from below, by the people of every village. Mahatma Gandhi

TARIQ ALI: “Obama’s Afghan-Pak Syndrome"

"Capitalism has destroyed our belief in any effective power but that of self interest backed by force." George Bernard Shaw

I don't fear death, I fear remaining silent in the face of injustice ... I am ready, wherever and whenever you might strike. You can cut down the flower, but nothing can stop the coming of the spring."- Malalai Joya

Marianne Maeckelbergh argues that one of the global justice movement’s key innovations has been its approach to democratic decision-making

Democracy Now! television program for Thursday, May 27, 2004 - Remembering David Dellinger

"Man's life is but the morning dew, past days many, future ones few." - Cao Cao, Emperor Wu of Wei

A Devout Memory of Adolf Eichmann

Aha! Activism = self-expression; organizing = movement-building

“Carved in stone on the grave of Second Lieutenant Arthur Conway Young, who died on 16 August, 1917. 'Sacrifice to the fallacy that war can end war,' his family had inscribed on his last resting place.” - R.Fisk

Union Song (Live)

"If you take a step towards freedom - It'll take two steps towards you" - Tom Morello

Helen Caldicott Slams Environmental Groups on Climate Bill, Nuclear Concessions

The Man Who Never Died

Can we imagine a society where interest and profit do not exist?

The Unpardonable Lenny Bruce

This is a clip from Lenny Bruce's second to last performance

Now Tom said "Mom, wherever there's a cop beatin' a guy

"Capitalism has destroyed our belief in any effective power but that of self interest backed by force." George Bernard Shaw

“As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air - however slight - lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.” - William O. Douglas

Public Housing and the American Dream

My defense: I was a soldier. I saw the end of a conscientious day's effort.

One as to grow hard but without ever losing tenderness.

“We are here on Earth to do good to others. What the others are here for, I don't know.” —W.H. Auden

Langston Hughes' "Ballad of Roosevelt"

Upton Sinclair: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

We must lay down axes, pick up our shovels, and get tree-planting

A Just Cause ≠ A Just War

An injury to one is an injury to all

Cuba's other revolution is green, not red

“I hold the view that before Obama completes his term, there will be from six to eight right-wing governments in Latin America that will be allies of the empire." -- Fidel Castro.

Five years ago, a tragedy occurred in American journalism: Investigative reporter Gary Webb

"The beginning of thought is in disagreement - not only with others but also with ourselves" -. Eric Hoffer

"Our lives are worth more than their profits" - Olivier Besancenot..

A truth that's told with bad intent Beats all the lies you can invent. --William Blake, "Auguries of Innocence"

The Battle of Orgreave

Mike Figgis Creates Short Films Inspired by Liverpudlians' Reactions to Art from the Tate Collection

"Our for-profit health care system makes money off of death, the same way our arms merchants make money off of death. - Chris Hedges

But the paradox of public transport, of course, is that the better it does its job, the less "efficient" it may be. - Tony Judt

Corner Store - Introduction

"I don't want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it through not dying." -Woody Allen

Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them. Henry David Thoreau

“If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about the answers.” - Thomas Pynchon

If each liberal "special interest" group is actually just in it alone, what's the point of a common ideology?

Timely, Safe and Legal

“I ain’t got no quarrel with them Viet Cong…they never called me nigger. You want me to do what the white man says and go fight a war against some people I don’t know nothing about--get some freedom for some other people when my own people can’t get theirs?” - Muhammad Ali

The right to a great public education

George Lakoff Proposes Majority Rule

Nelson Mandela on Fidel Castro

“The great ethical principle enunciated by Immanuel Kant, that other people should always be treated as ends in themselves, never as means to further ends.” A C Grayling

"After the first death, there is no other." - Dylan Thomas

I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones. - John Cage

"If people really knew [the truth], the war would be stopped tomorrow. But of course they don't know and they can't know."- British Prime Minister David Lloyd George

"I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones." - John Cage

"It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets." — Voltaire

People liberate themselves

“Better to die standing, than to live on your knees.”

Why Someone Else Can't Do It For Us

"The life of a single human being is worth a million times more than all the property of the richest man on earth." - Ernesto "Che" Guevara

Corner Store Media: Work from a feature film in progress

Gore Vidal's United States of fury

“Capital is dead labor, which, vampire-like, lives only by sucking living labor, and lives the more, the more labor it sucks.”

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is a reality." Yoko Ono

Neoliberalism As Water Balloon

If people believe there is no better way, disenchantment with the existing capitalist system will breed nothing more than cynicism and a retreat to private spaces. In fact, that is the result purveyors of capitalism are banking on.

About fifty years ago, the maverick sociologist C Wright Mills warned of a “power elite” coming to dominate public life.

"A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right.' - Thomas Paine

In praise of tea, the brew that powered Britain for centuries

“It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place”

Lessons in justice and fairness from a no-nonsense historian

To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead. - Thomas Paine

An Interview With Gary Snyder - Walking Mount Tam

“The defeats and victories of the fellows at the top aren't always defeats and victories for the fellows at the bottom” Bertolt Brecht

“Hollywood isn’t so much a place, as a state of mindlessness” —John Gregory Dunne

The Annual Trailer

The words of God do not justify cruelty to women Discrimination and abuse wrongly backed by doctrine are damaging society, argues the former US president

“Everyone chases after happiness, not noticing that happiness is right at their heels.”- Bertolt Brecht.

Scientists have found an anti-ageing drug that works on mice – and could do the same for humans

"Everyone of them knew that as time went by they'd get a little bit older and a litter slower but..."

Off Dead Center: William Appleman Williams

We Are Most Free When We Are Most Bound to Others - Beyond Independence

The library that never closes: The Open Library hopes to unite the net and the printed word by creating a web page for every book. Bobbie Johnson talks to the audacious project's leader

“…most people want to believe that they live in a fair world. They therefore adopt "cognitive coping strategies" that justify existing inequalities.” - Fabian research director Tim Horton

Tony Benn talks about democracy from the movie - Sicko

The Triumph of Williams's 'Tragedy'

Helen Yaffe explores impact of Che Guevara as an economist and politician

The Age of Reason - Thomas Paine (1794)

Bring On The Lucie

"It is a waste of energy to be angry with a man who behaves badly, just as it is to be angry with a car that won't go." - Bertrand Russell

“The goal was to maximise public benefit rather than to maximise profits." Hilary Wainwright

Public service reform ... but not as we know it!

Dead Souls or "Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man."

"The problems we face today cannot be solved by the minds that created them." - Albert Einstein

Corner Store - The Film

"Poverty is the worst form of violence."- Gandhi

Attenborough: Genesis? It can go forth and multiply

"Evolution is not just a theory ... it is a historical fact,"

"A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right.'
- Thomas Paine

"The United States is the only wealthy, industrialized nation that does not have a universal health care system."

Begged, Borrowed & Stolen: The Socha Film Project

Forty-Eight: The Movie about Katherine Bruens

Tagore put it succinctly: “Neither the colourless vagueness of cosmopolitanism nor the fierce self-idolatry of nation worship is the goal of human history.”

"The universe we observe, if properly understood, has all the properties we should expect if there is no purpose, no design, no evil, and no good. Nothing but blind, pitiless indifference. Each form eternally destroyed while others take its place." - Darwin

Darwin at 200: a family celebration

"Does not Dionysius seem to have made it sufficiently clear that there can be nothing happy for the person over whom some fear always looms?"- Cicero, Tusculan Disputations 5.1

Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only at night. Edgar Allan Poe

Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. shaking hands at the Capitol Building March 26th, 1964

“…it’s hard to build your soul when everyone around you is trying to sell theirs.” - William Deresiewicz

The Disadvantages of an Elite Education

Power in the desert: solar towers will harness sunshine of southern Spain

Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are anger and courage; anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are - St. Augustine of Hippo

Jean Renoir's Grand Illusion

“He who serves all, best serves himself.” Jack London

Quite Early Morning

Empire Falls

We call on the next U.S. President and administration to engage in a new foreign policy based on these five core principles.

Going Down To Cuba Live

The Recurring Myth of Peak Oil

How I Won The War (1967) Parts 1-11

Nickel and Dimed from The American Ruling Class!

Doctor's Orders: Health Coverage for Everyone

When you start a war for the wrong reasons, you are responsible for all that follows, even the other side's atrocities.

All the experts admit that we should legalise drugs

Social Security: Here today, still here tomorrow

Legalise all drugs: chief constable demands end to 'immoral laws'

The Case for Universal Health Care

We must engage in the Long Resistance to this current world war, using every nonviolent means to bring about its end.

“Never believe anything until it’s officially denied.”

A Feather From The Sky

Five More Minutes

The mouse that shook the world

Five More Minutes

The Last Antiwar Poem

"Wichita Vortex Sutra"

Helen Caldicott speaks up for us

Nuclear Energy: Still a Bad Idea

"it takes two to speak the truth, one to speak and another to hear"
- henry david thoreau

“. . . the ever memorable and blessed Revolution…A city cemetery could contain the coffins filled by that brief Terror which we have all been so diligently taught to shiver at and mourn over; but all France could hardly contain the coffins filled by that older and real Terror -- that unspeakably bitter and awful Terror which none of us has been taught to see in its vastness or pity as it deserves.” -- Mark Twain


Human Rights

It has been said, "if you understand, things are just as they are; if you do not understand, things are just as they are." Let us understand that to live is a human right. We have a right not to be killed; others have also have a right not to be killed.

Poet John Donne's line "never send to ask for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee," says it well.

When the gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers. - Oscar Wilde, An Ideal husband, 1893


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